Bronston Graduate Work- Study Program



The Bronston graduate Work-Study program is designed specifically for current Bronston students or internationally educated nurses whose goal is to study or continue their studies in Nursing in a Canadian College.


In a special arrangement with Mill Creek Long Term Care ( LTC) and similar healthcare organizations,


1. Students who graduate from Bronston may attend College to study Nursing while working in healthcare at Mill Creek or other  LTC's to help fund their College education.


2. Internationally educated Nurses may enrol in post-graduate Nurse diploma programs in a Canadian College while working either in Mill Creek LTC or other similar organizations as arranged by Bronston.

Non Refundable Application Fee: $250 (The application fee applies to all applicants regardless of financial need).

Work - Study Placement Fee: $5,000

Students with financial need may apply for placement scholarship through the BNEAS program.

This program is made possible through a Bronston sponsored process.

For more information about the application process, contact the Bronston graduate Work-Study program at

“I live in Ghana while attending Bronston Online to complete Pre-University on a partial scholarship program. Because of Bronston, I am applying for the Nursing Program at Georgian College to study and work at Mill Creek LTC in Canada” 


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