Student Exchange Program


Unique to Bronston is our student exchange program designed to add a rich cultural mix and experience on our campus.

Each year, Bronston welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and cultures to participate in our programs on a non-credit earning basis.


The exchange programs are usually for a duration of one semester or 3 months in which a student participates fully in our classroom and extracurricular activities on a tuition-free basis. Students, however, cover the cost of accommodation, meals and transportation for the duration of their stay in Canada.


To qualify, students must provide a letter of support and recommendation from the principal of the school which they currently attend in their home country addressed to the Director of Academics at Bronston Canadian Academy. These documents must be signed and submitted through our online Student Exchange Application Form.

Sessions begin in January, May and September of each academic year. Applications must be received at least 3 months prior to the semester which the student intends to attend.


You may contact the Chair of Collaborative Programs directly through email at for more information regarding the student exchange program.



Program Cost


The FULL cost of of the student exchange program is based on the cost of Accommodation, Meals, School Lunch, Transportation and Activities for the entire semester: $7,500 for the duration of the student's stay.
Application: $150

Registration Fee: $550


*Note that there is no tuition fee with the student exchange program.

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