Collaborative-edu Partnership.


Our Collaborative Education (Collaborative-Edu) partnership is a partnership agreement between educational institutions/recruiting agents and  Bronston Canadian Academy.


The Collaborative-Edu program offers partnerships with those who wish to join hands with Bronston Canadian Academy towards the mission to spread quality education worldwide. Whether you are a representative of an educational institution, academic agent, consultant or an entrepreneur, you can benefit from our Collaborative-Edu partnership program. You may contact us at to discuss your partnership interests.

For complete details regarding our Collaborative-Edu program, please download the  Bronston Collaborative – Edu brochure for your review.

If you are a representative of an institution, you will be contacted by Mrs. Doran, the Director of the Collaborative Partnerships, who will assist you through the process of becoming a partner.



At BCA, we value our collaborative partners worldwide.

Do you want to be part our collaborative partnership? Click here to understand our partnership program.