Educational Institution and Agent Partners

Please note: schools or agents not listed here are not recognized by Bronston Canadian Academy as partners and or agents of  Bronston. If agents and or schools, not listed on the list below, uses Bronston Canadian Academy in any of its marketing materials and or make mention of Bronston as a partner, they do so illegally.

School Partners

  1. Axial College (Kampala, Uganda)

  2. Canadian Bridge Academy (Lagos, Nigeria)

  3. Aduvie Pre-university College (Abuja, Nigeria)

  4. Catoke School (Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

Agent Partners

  1. WR Consultancy (Uganda)

  2. InterStudy Travel Ventures Ltd. (Rwanda)

  3. Mr. Ben Obeng (Ghana)

  4. The Deal (Nene, Ghana)

  5. Ms. Ela Gabinet (Canada)

  6. Eagle Educational Consulting (Nigeria, Ghana, Canada)

  7. Winsolar Consult (Abuja), Nigeria

  8. Canadian Foundation (Abuja, Nigeria)

  9. Ekasat Travels (Lagos, Nigeria)




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