How to Pay Bronston Fees

All fees, including application fees, must be paid through Wire Transfer directly to Bronston Canadian Academy. To make a wire transfer, please go to your local bank and present the Bronston Bank Account information. Your local bank should assist you with the process of wire transfer when you present the Bronston bank account information as noted  below:



Name of Beneficiary: Bronston Services.

Receiver’s Address: 195 Limeridge Rd. West.
Unit B8. Hamilton, ON. 

Name of Bank: TD Canada Trust

Bank Address: 1565 Upper James St 
Hamilton ON.  L9B 1K2. Canada

Account No.:  5017008

Institution:  004
Branch: 25222

Fee Schedule

The fee structure at B.C.A. has been designed to provide clarity for students and parents regarding the cost of studying at Bronston and living in Canada.

*Study Plan Packages are available to provide students with complete costs of studying at Bronston depending on the plan they select. Students may opt for either one of the following Study Plans (Complete, Executive or Bronzi ).

**For the fees for summer camps, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

** Students who select a Study Plan do not pay extra fees beyond the cost of the plan they select**


List of Compulsory Services & Fees:
Bronston Application Fee: The Application fee is charged to students on a one-time basis as long as the student’s file remains current at the school. Students who cancel their enrollment status and wish to return to the school are subject to the noted application fee. All application fees MUST be paid in full before any student application is processed.











Registration Fee: 

A one-time pre-registration fee of $2,000 MUST be paid to B.C.A. in full before the school issues acceptance letters to international students who wish to study through B.C.A. campus. 


Tuition and Academic Services Fee: 

The tuition fee covers the cost of tuition. Different tuition fees apply to different programs. 












Residence Accommodation Fee: 

The student residence is provided at a fee of $800/month for a shared room or $1100 per month for a private room. The residence is a good choice for students who prefer to stay in a student based community. There is three full meals/day provided in residence.


Home Stay Accommodation Fee:
Home Stay is a type of residence based on family living and provided to students at a fee of $750/month. Students who prefer to stay with a Canadian family while studying in Canada, enjoy a family home environment.


Home Stay Liaison Fee: $100/Month

Nursing Services: $2,000 per year


List of Optional Programs & Fees


ESL Program Fee:

A fee of $3,000 per semester is charged to students towards ESL classes.

1:1 Tutorial Fee:

A fee of $3,000/semester is charged to students who prefer or require extra 1-1 tutoring.

Summer Camp Program Fees including accommodation, meals, tuition, activities and trips for 2 weeks. The fee does not include the cost of airfare to and from Canada:


Camp Type


Language Arts Camp with

Fun and Activities


Fee:  $2,950 (for 2 weeks camp duration)

Fee Policy 

With the exception of the school's security deposit fee, no other fees at Bronston Canadian Academy are refundable after the student has received the study permit. The security deposit fee is refunded following the assessment of damages incurred by the student. Should the damages incurred be more than the security deposit fee, the student will receive a bill to remit the additional fee within 30 business days.


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