1. Can I travel to Canada to attend Bronston as an international student ?

Bronston is a campus based school which delivers its programs both through a live and on-line campus. Bronston also partners with international schools to deliver courses on-line.

2. If my child has a study permit, can I travel to Canada with my Child?

Parents of children studying in Canada may travel to Canada with their children during the durantion of the child or children's education. It must be noted however that it is not automatic to receive a visitor's permit once your child or children have received study permits to study in Canada.


3. As a parent of a child who is studying in Canada, can I work while in Canada?

Parents whose children are students in Canada may work ONLY AFTER HRDC approval. This means that employers of such parents have to seek approval for each parent or visitor the employer wants to employ. The employer must show evidence that no Canadian is available to fill the position available. It is therefore not easy to obtain employment while staying in Canada as a visitor.

4. What is the difference between on-line learning and campus based learning? How does it work?

Study through on-line Learning at Bronston Canadian Academy is for those students who wish to gain a qualification without having to attend traditional classes. This means that you can study in a flexible way that fits around your lifestyle no matter your location.
On campus learning means that students attend campus based classes based on planned time tables.
B.C.A. relies on on-line course materials and format to deliver its on-line learning programs. There is an on-line library, on-line course calendar, internet and database services. All books are available as e-books and can be accessed or purchased on the school’s library website.


5. Is the school accredited?

Bronston Canadian Academy is an inspected private school and has the full authorization by the Ministry of Education of Ontario to offer Ontario elementary to secondary school courses towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

6. Will my credentials be accepted after I graduate from B.C.A.?

Yes, B.C.A. courses lead to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) which is issued by the Ministry of Education of Ontario. The Diploma is accepted for university admissions worldwide including Canada.

7. Do I have to pay all fees at once?

International students must pay all fees before admission. All fees with the exception of application and administration fees, are refunded when students' visas are refused.  Tuition fees are otherwise non-refundable.

8. Is there a scholarship program?

Yes. We do offer some scholarships and bursaries.   See our admissions through scholarships. 

9. Is it possible to travel to Canada to attend Bronston ?

Yes, Bronston Canadian Academy operates through a campus in Hamilton, Ontario and welcomes international students to study at the campus or online. The school  has supports in place to direct students through their visa and travel process, including accommodation.

10. What is the duration of the courses?

The courses are based on the Ministry of Education of Ontario policies. Full or 1 credit courses are 110 hours in duration and half credit courses are 55 hours in duration.

11. If I take my program fully on-line, will there be opportunity to interact with other students in the program?

Yes, you could have group members with whom you could engage in discussion on-line or in person if arranged by students.

12. What happens if I am not doing well in my courses?

Bronston has academic counsellors and teachers trained to provide supports and guidance to students as they progress through their courses. Through formative assessment practices, students are provided with adequate, timely and 1-1 supports as needed to successfully complete courses.

13. Do you have services for Post-Secondary and Post Grad students?

Yes we do.  See:  https://www.bronston.ca/post-secondary-from-bronston

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