Important Study Permit Considerations

The main point to note is that to be successful with the study permit, you must show a very strong bank account for at least 6 months before you submit the application. Although the immigration looks for at least $10,000  in your bank account for least 6 months, we advise parents to ensure that they have at least close to $30,000 in their bank account for better support of their children in Canada.

The funds should be in the account for at least 6 months and the bank account MUST show ongoing activities. Parents or sponsors need to ensure that their bank accounts reflect at least 6 months of history of account activity.

To prevent their victimization through fraudulent activities, parents and or sponsors MUST pay all fees directly to Bronston bank account.

Bank Information:

The Bank of Nova Scotia 
630 Upper James Street
Hamilton Ontario, L9C 2Z1
Transit # 60442, Institutional # 002
Acct. # 60442  00779 17
Swift Code: NOSCCATT


For further information regarding the study and temporary work permits, please select the following CIC sites:

cic temporary work permit


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