Bronzi Program


A unique feature of the teaching-learning methodology within the Bronston Canadian program is the specialized Bronzi program. This program offered mainly from grades 11-12, is specially designed for those students who need to study in very small focused limited class groups of one to five students per class.

The main objective of the Bronzi program is to prepare students for enrollment into elite university programs that demand extraordinarily high grades for admission such as Engineering, Health/Medical Sciences and elite Business programs etc.

While all Bronston Canadian Academy programs prepare students towards high academic achievements, the Bronzi program is an intense and closely mentoring program to meet the needs of students who require close mentorship and intense academic focus in very small groups.


Students who have not been successful at other schools have had proven success in the Bronzi program and have transformed from prior failed grades to achieve in the 90% grade point averages upon completion of the Bronzi program.


Although most students fare well in the regular Bronston programs, for those who require a specialized intense academic program, parents will be advised upon enrollment of their children if the Bronzi program is the right choice for them.



The Bronzi Program Fees:

Academic and accommodation fees: $65,000/ Academic year 

One time registration fee $2,000

One time assessment fee: $2,000




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