The Bronston Scholars Club Membership

Bronston Scholars Club is a Bronston education membership that provides a unique avenue to member students to benefit from all Bronston courses and services from pre-school. There are several benefits to joining this unique membership club designed to promote quality education from an early age to students globally. Regardless of the system of education in which a student decides to learn, the Bronston membership can be incorporated to increase each student's learning skills and choices in education to provide broad knowledge.

Students may complete the courses towards the final goal of the OSSD,

complete the course towards the OSSD plus other diploma offered in the student's home country, or

Simply as an addition to other programs to gain additional insight and knowledge.


Note that students completing the Bronston courses as Bronston Scholars Club members through partner schools and wish to obtain the OSSD in grade 12, will have to apply for transfer of prior learning through the Bronston PLAR process.



  • Become a Club member either independently while enrolled in any school, or

  • Become a Club Member through a Bronston partner school,

  • Receive your Ontario Education Number (OEN) which identifies you as a Canadian/ student,

  • Complete the Bronston courses on an ongoing basis,

  • Attend at least one of Bronston annual summer camp program to build your travel history with Canada, 

  • Apply and enroll as a Bronston credit student when in grade 12 either in your home country or through Bronston's Canadian campus,

  • Apply for PLAR through Bronston to gain Canadian credits,

  • Complete the grade 12 courses as a Bronston credit  student,

  • Obtain the OSSD as an admission requirement to any university in Canada or worldwide,

  • Come to Canada to University if you select a Canadian University.

Membership Benefits


  • Membership in the Bronston Scholars Club provides students with the access code to all of Bronston's online education based on the Canadian curriculum, with lectures/lessons, videos, practice assignments, quizzes and tests, print and library resources, etc.

  • Members may use Bronston lessons in Math, English, Sciences, Social Sciences and the Arts, etc, to complete related  Canadian courses. 

  • Members may apply to transfer to Bronston any time as full-time students and be considered at 20% to 30% discount from the regular tuition and accommodation fees, depending on years of membership.

  • Member parents receive a 20%-30% discount on all other services provided to those seeking Post Graduate programs application assistance.

  • As a general rule, all Bronston services are provided to Bronston Club Members at a 20%-30% discount.

  • Members may compete Bronston Academic Scholarships . Note that, club members are given special consideration as part of the scholarship selection criteria.

  •  Members who wish to obtain the OSSD will be able to write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test after the transfer of their credits to Bronston through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). The test may be written in the member's home country or the most conducive location arranged by Bronston. 

  • Members may attend the Bronston annual fun and study camps in Canada at a 20%-30% discounted rate. Click Here for details of our summer camp program.

  • Through our special partnership programs with travel agencies, members may from time to time benefit from flight reduction rates depending on season and rates available.

Criteria/Process for Membership

  • Students may join from pre-school to high school independently or through partner schools.

  • Members have to be either enrolled in school or provide proof of supervision by a teacher, parent or qualified adult who will provide supervision to the student to login to the LMS to complete courses.

Membership Fee Per Student

  • 1-year membership: $150/year

  • 4-year membership package: $500


Link to Sample Courses

To view and practice sample courses, please go to the Bronston learning portal link below. You will be asked to enter your user name and password. 

Enter the following:

User Name:  sample.course@bronston

Password:    bronston1

Clink on the  bronston learning portal



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