Avenues to Enrolment

There are a few Avenues to gain admission to study at Bronston Canadian Academy or to use Bronston's services towards College or University admission. 

The First Avenue:

Is to apply as a fee-paying student. In this case, you pay your own fees and provide your own sponsorship towards a study permit. This is the most straight forward process to gain admission. All you need to do is to complete the General Application form and submit along with your school transcript or results and the relevant non-refundable application fee of $150. 


The Second Avenue:

Is through applying and competing for a full scholarship. This avenue is not guaranteed. Meaning that you may not be selected among the pool of those who win the full scholarship.  It is competition based and not all applicants will win. To enrol through this avenue, complete the

Admissions Through Scholarships form and submit along with the non-refundable application fee of $150.


The Third Avenue:

Is through the award of partial scholarships for those students applying to enrol as Bronston students directly. The potential or chances for the award of partial scholarships is much higher. This means that most students who apply through a scholarship to attend Bronston directly, have a high chance of receiving the partial scholarship award. To be considered for the partial scholarship, complete the same Admissions Through Scholarship form with the non-refundable application fee of $150.

Note that, those who apply to attend Colleges and Universities through the Work-Study or the Post- Grad program do not win partial scholarships automatically as in the case of those applying to attend Bronston directly. This means that the award of partial scholarships as an alternative to full scholarships in the case of the Work-Study/Post-Grad applicants is not a guarantee. Complete either the Work-Study or Post-Grad application form if you fall under this category and submit with the non-application fee of $250. (Post Grad applicants are those who have completed any University Degree program)

The Forth Avenue:
Is through enrolment to study at Bronston through the On-line school at an affordable fee. This option is only open to students applying to attend Bronston directly as Bronston students. Most students who cannot afford to pay partial fees to attend Bronston and do not receive the full  Scholarship award may attend Bronston On-line school at a very low and affordable cost to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is acceptable worldwide at most Universities and Colleges as an admission requirement. To apply directly to attend Bronston On-line school, complete the On-line Study Application form and submit along with the application fee of $150.

The Fifth Avenue:

Is to enrol through one of our partner institutions located in Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria. Click here to find a Bronston partner. 

The Sixth Avenue:

Is through the Bronston Club Membership to obtain specific discounts for Bronston education and services while using Bronston teaching-learning systems and resources. Click here to review the club membership process.


Important Notes: 

The best age range for study permit success to Canada:


  • For those applying to attend Bronston directly in Canada is 20 years,


  • 24 years, if studying with Bronston On-line and planning to come to Canada to attend College or University,


  • 28 years,  if coming to Canada directly to College,


  • And 30-32 years if coming to University for Post-Graduate studies.

The age range provided does not affect enrolment at Bronston. However, for those intending to travel to study in Canada, these age ranges are important to note for study permit purposes.

Fee Payment Process

All fees, including application fees, must be paid through Wire Transfer directly to Bronston Canadian Academy. To make a wire transfer, please go to your local bank and present the Bronston Bank Account information. Your local bank should assist you with the process of wire transfer when you present the Bronston bank account information as noted  below:



Bronston Canadian Academy

The Bank of Nova Scotia

630 Upper James Street

Hamilton Ontario, L9C 2Z1

Transit # 60442, Institutional # 002

Acct. # 60442 00779 17

Swift Code: NOSCCATT

At BCA, we value our collaborative partners worldwide.

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