Admission Process
Review our website closely for our programs and services before you apply. There are three ways to apply to Bronston Canadian Academy: The General  Admissions  Stream, the Admissions Through Scholarship Stream and the Work-Study/Post-Grad Services Stream.

General Admissions Stream

The general admissions stream refers to applicants who wish to apply directly for enrolment at Bronston Canadian Academy through self sponsorship/fee paying process. For this group of applicants, Bronston provides an automatic fee reduction bursary of up to $4,000. The bursary is granted without a competitive process and does not depend on financial need and or academic background.

Admissions Through Scholarship Stream

Students with financial needs may apply for Full or Partial Scholarships through the admissions for the scholarship program. Our comprehensive scholarship programs are highly competitive and awarded to a select number of students with demonstrated financial need, academic commitment and good behaviour.  Click here to review the admissions through the scholarship process.

The Work-Study/Post Grad Stream

Students who wish to attend Post-Secondary or Post-Grad may apply through our Work-Study program if they wish to pursue studies in Nursing. Click here to review.

Those who do not wish to pursue Nursing but wish to pursue other Pos-Grad studies through Bronston services may do so through our Post-Grad services program. Click here to review.


Non Refundable Application Fee (All applicants applying to attend Bronston Canadian Academy)

The application fee of $150 must be paid in all cases in order for your application to be processed. This fee cannot be waived through any fee waiver process including bursaries and or scholarships.

Non Refundable Application Fee (Applicants applying to the Work-Study or Post Grad Streams)

The application fee of $250 must be paid in all cases in order for your application to be processed. This fee cannot be waived through any fee waiver process including bursaries and or scholarships.


Application Requirements

When taking a course at Bronston Canadian Academy, you will need a copy of your official transcripts containing the notarized seal of the issuing institution. The transcript is required to ensure you have met the prerequisite course requirements for your grade level.

English Language Requirement

All courses at Bronston are taught in English. Proficiency in English is a requirement for attendance. If you have been attending a school in which the primary language of instruction has been English, you are exempted from demonstrating your proficiency in English. International students, whose primary language is not English and who have not been attending an English language school, would be required to provide a demonstrated English-Language proficiency through TOEFL or IELTS.


Our Services

We have implemented systems to ensure a smooth process for our international students and applicants:


  • Admissions application support.

  • Collaborative-Education partners worldwide to provide local support.

  • Direction and support through the study visa application.

  • Airport pick-up.

  • Accommodation support.

  • “Bronston Study Plans”.

  • Programs designed to meet language needs.

  • Student integration support through a buddy system.

  • International student groups.

  • Organized student activities.




Study Permit Application Process

For our assistance with completing the online study permit application, click on the data collection link below to provide us with all the documentation and information required. Ensure as much accuracy as possible in the information and documentation you provide.

Study Permit Data Collection Form


Study Permit Renewal Data Collection Form


To complete the study permit by yourself, select one of the links below depending on your prefered mode of submission.


Study Permit Online Application Guide


Study Permit Manual Application Process

Fee Payment Process


All fees, including application fees, must be paid through Wire Transfer directly to Bronston Canadian Academy. To make a wire transfer, please go to your local bank and present the Bronston Bank Account information. Your local bank should assist you with the process of wire transfer when you present the Bronston bank account information as noted  below:



Bronston Canadian Academy

The Bank of Nova Scotia

630 Upper James Street

Hamilton Ontario, L9C 2Z1

Transit # 60442, Institutional # 002

Acct. # 60442 00779 17

Swift Code: NOSCCATT

At BCA, we value our collaborative partners worldwide.

Do you want to be part our collaborative partnership? Click here to understand our partnership program. 

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