Application Requirements 

Bronston Canadian Academy enrols students from elementary to Pre-university, as well as provide services to students who wish to enrol at other Colleges or Universities through the Work-Study or Post-Graduate programs.


To be admitted to Bronston Canadian Academic directly, applicants are required to provide documented proof of prior education through academic reports or transcripts with corresponding picture ID's. 

Upon admission to Bronston Canadian Academy, all students are required to write an entrance exam, the results of which are used to determine the appropriate grade level for each applicant.

In some cases, applicants may be required to repeat prior grades depending on their academic records and or Bronston exam results.

Application requirements to other Colleges and Universities depend on each institution. Applicants will be advised at the time of application regarding specific application requirements of relevant institutions.

Bronston Application Requirements 

  • Completed online application form

  • Application fee of $150 (Canadian)

  • Government-issued picture ID such as health card or passport

  • Current academic report with marks or transcript


General Application Requirements for Work-Study program

  • Completed online application form

  • Application fee of $250 (Canadian)

  • Graduates of Bronston Canadian Academy

  • Graduates of any Nursing Certificate/Nurse Assistant, Nursing Diploma or Nursing Degree programs

  • Specific College/University application requirements.

Application Requirements for Post-Graduate programs

  • Completed online application form

  • Application fee of $250 (Canadian)

  • Graduates of any Bachelor Degree program.

Fee Payment Process


All fees, including application fees, must be paid through Wire Transfer directly to Bronston Canadian Academy. To make a wire transfer, please go to your local bank and present the Bronston Bank Account information. Your local bank should assist you with the process of wire transfer when you present the Bronston bank account information as noted  below:



Bronston Canadian Academy

The Bank of Nova Scotia

630 Upper James Street

Hamilton Ontario, L9C 2Z1

Transit # 60442, Institutional # 002

Acct. # 60442 00779 17

Swift Code: NOSCCATT

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