Academic Programs


Our Academic programs are carefully and professionally designed to meet the needs of our students. Bronston Canadian Academy programs prepare students, through every step in the academic journey, to assume the challenges of university studies and social life.


As a private institution registered and inspected by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, Bronston  follows the Ministry of Education Curriculum and policies closely to ensure that students receive the quality of education they each deserve.


Our teachers are those who have the passion, experience and command of the subjects they teach.


University Preparation

Our career advancement team focuses on the several pathways available to students after they graduate from Bronston Canadian Academy. Students are directed to complete course credits based on their career goals and directed to university programs most suitable to them.

Mode of Study

Combining our electronic and live class teaching systems ensures that our students are abreast with current technology in education and have broad knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

At BCA, we value our collaborative partners worldwide.

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