Academic Challenge Program


A major part of the teaching, learning methodology within the Bronston Canadian Program, is the Academic Challenge program (AC Program). The AC Program is an advanced step ahead program designed to

1. Prepare students from all grades to be challenged with advanced academic knowledge in computer software technology beyond their basic class expectations. This is achieved through the teaching-learning process, curriculum and projects specially designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to be future prepared in a high tech global economy.

See hour of coding.


2. To prepare students towards university admissions, with the skills required to manage the coursework at the university level once admitted. This program starts from grades 9-12 and provides students with advanced knowledge in Math, Business and Science. Our normal coursework is supplemented with advanced knowledge in Math, Science and Business taught by appropriate and qualified teaching professionals. This format of teaching/learning at Bronston provides added Academic Challenge to our students and sets the school apart from others.


3. To prepare students to “Step Ahead to University”  

Recognizing the inadequacies of merely preparing students to meet university admissions, by Grade 12, when Bronston students are nearing completion of the AC program, as an optional aspect of the Academic Challenge program, grade 12 students are enrolled in a university course, which focuses on advanced reading, writing, comprehension and presentation skills. This program is referred to as the “Step Ahead to University” program. This may take place either at universities where Bronston students, with the guidance of student councillors, enrol in a non-degree course at the university. The purpose of this part of the AC program is to orient students at the university campus and or classroom setting, to university coursework and solidify the advanced learning skills acquired throughout the AC program. Students who graduate successfully from the university course are fully prepared and ready to continue on to any university environment as degree students, as long as they have met admission requirements.

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