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About Bronston


Bronston Canadian Academy is a K-12 school located at 411 Discovery drive Welland Ontario. We enjoy a serene environment with a very small school group. Our Academic Challenge Program focuses on exposing our students as early as possible to 21st-century business and industry needs, with a focus on advancement in computer technology and software development. 

Our Mission is to ensure the delivery of quality student-centered education with the goal of promoting citizenship.

Recognizing the financial disparities between international students with the desire to learn, Bronston Canadian Academy funds special scholarship programs to provide financial aid to a select number of students each academic year. These scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. See our Admissions Through Scholarships program.

Bronston was founded on the one main principle of respect for humanity, " Love Thy Neighbour as Thy Self". This basic principle resonates in all our educational and social activities.

Since opening our doors, we have guided students to achieve their best and obtain on a near 100% basis, their programs of choice at the post-secondary level in programs such as Engineering, Computer Sciences, Nursing, Bio-Medical Sciences and Business etc.


Our mission is to contribute to the development of creative minds in an atmosphere that provokes self-confidence, boldness to achieve and dare to believe.  


Our Facilities 

We are proud to introduce the facilities available at Bronston. We have the use of a variety of settings to meet our students' teaching, learning and social needs.

At 411 East Main St. in Welland Ontario, where our school is located for classes, students and teachers engage in teaching-learning activities to ensure learning occurs.

Through our online library, our students engage in research activities and learning.


Through community recreation centres, our students have memberships for swimming and other activities.


In the summer, we enjoy the use of our country setting at Sawmill Ancaster for barbecues, hiking and other outdoor events.


For further clarity/direction about our school and facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1-289-776-6950 or info@bronston.ca. We will be extremely happy to guide you through our school facilities.

You may also find Bronston programs through our partner schools in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda. See a short list of our partners!


Welcome to Bronston, where "U DIRECT LEARNING"!!




At BCA, we value our collaborative partners worldwide.

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