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"With cross-cultural understanding and cooperation at the core, we strive to foster a global environment through heightened communication skills."


The OSSD is rated as one of the top 5 education systems in the world and is globally accepted by a vast majority of the top universities world wide. 


Small Classes 

Students are provided with dedicated guidance and mentorship, empowering them to rapidly overcome any learning obstacles.



University provides new academic challenges. Our students receive first-hand experience in tackling complex issues, being equipped for further success and growth.



Our educational materials offer a modern-day learning experience, keeping students engaged with current concepts in their respective fields.


We provide broad access to our programs through our boarding program and  international partnerships through our Blended Academic Program, BCAP,

Bronston Scholars Club and Summer Camps.

  • Self-paced Program (solely online)

  • Blended Program (on campus in Canada)

  • Partnership Program (through partner schools abroad)

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Scholars Club Membership

Stay immersed in Ontario's internationally recognized curriculum. Scholars Club was created to give access to OSSD learning resources at an affordable cost.

Members may take advantage of exclusive offers provided to those enrolled in our OSSD programs.

*OSSD not obtained*

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Summer Camp

Summer Camp provides students with a fun and educational experience, outside of the classroom. Travel experience provides advantages towards student visa approval.

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